Code with Bolt


Learning to code isn't just about writing games, it helps develop skills in critical thinking and problem solving.
It also lets you be creative by allowing you to make whatever you want, and not be limited to the tools.


Code with Bolt is an innovative approach that helps kids (of all ages) write computer programmes. It works entirely in the web browser - no software to install - and is completely FREE to use.

Every example on the site is covered in full in our Guidebook PDF. Download


Our professional programming team have created a series of worked examples, that guide you through each step.There's no rules or restrictions here; if you can't finish the example, just click 'Hint' or 'Next' and you can see the answer.

How to run a programme

How to complete the Basic Drawing exercise

Programming & KS3 curriculum

Whereas most programming apps use graphical blocks that you can drag 'n' drop to make your game, the specially crafted 'Bolt' language lets you type commands using accessible language to make everyone feel like a real coder! (It also makes it suitable for KS3!)

Code with Bolt is just like being a real programmer as it lets you look at existing code which you can adapt to make your own programmes. The programming environment also allows you step through each line of the code in turn so you can see exactly what each part does.

Once you progress beyond the examples, the language contains all the usual features - procedures, variables, loops, conditional - which lets you write anything your creativity can muster!